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Great Weight Loss Tips: Swimming Workouts For Weight Loss


Many athletes and physiologists consider swimming workouts for weight loss to be the best choice for a variety of reasons. Most of the vital muscle groups are integrated in swimming workout routines. Swimming workouts for weight loss is popular with those who find themselves over-weight, rehabilitating from injury, expectant mothers, and any dieters desiring a low impact type of exercise.

Swimming laps actually removes risk of injury as opposed to other land-based workouts. Buoyancy, to reduce the effect of the laws of gravity on a body, makes deep “buoyancy pool” training the ideal environment for astronauts, simulating work in outer space. Swimming is less stressful on the joints and therefore excellent for rehabilitation. Swimming at a more aggressive pace brings water resistance in play, which will create a high caloric burn.

When investigating swim workouts for weight loss, a determination can be made that this form of exercise, or any other exercise regime exhibiting a 600-calorie burn in an hour should elicit a positive mark. Caloric burn via swimming laps will average 600 calories for a light to moderate effort, and up to 800 calories while swimming at a more aggressive pace. Interestingly, research by University of Utah appeared to indicate random weight gains, or at best minimal weight loss through swimming in certain individuals.

The research team noted that the calorie intake of a swimmer, having a post workout meal soon after swimming, seemed to be higher after exiting an outdoor pool, than those swimmers who swam in indoor pools. The temperature averaged 80F for the outdoor pools, while temperatures averaged 85F for indoor pools. Cold-water supports hunger, which can increase calorie intake and reduce “swim exercise expectations for weight-loss.

Nonetheless, a key to any kind of weight loss program that includes exercise training will be to commit the intention to paper. The sub-conscience is going to accomplish goals that are placed in one’s

“present” conscience.

When asking yourself the question “is swimming good for weight loss”, consider this. Do you enjoy swimming? If so, swimming workouts can be a worthwhile addition to your program. To be clear, dropping inches and pounds will be more fun and consistent.

The math is simple; 500 calories each day for 7 days, equals 1 pound.

Your well-balanced weight-loss program making use of swimming can certainly burn a good portion of 3500 unhealthy calories or even more per week. To achieve weight reduction though, you must commit to a reduction of 500 excess calories per day through some degree of extra exercise, or eating 500 less calories per day, or a combination of the two.

Together, in addition to adjustments in diet (see article “Best Supplements for weight loss”), appropriate sleep, and a reduction of stress, the magic of inch and weight loss will appear as no magic at all. Swimming workouts for weight loss will work, and work very well.


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